PresLink supports missions in Ghana and Nigeria

Date: 18 Jun 2014

Evan and Darragh from PresLink's 4th Year Committee describe a fantastic year's work...

The last year was a fantastic one for PresLink. We fundraised extensively for the many Presentation Brothers projects abroad. We began with over 30 members, separated into two committees, one dealing with the Senior-cycle students and the other dealing with the Junior-cycle students, but on many occasions we worked together. We really enjoyed our experience of PresLink and held several very successful fundraisers, raising in the region of €17,000!

Our first fundraiser was the Gold Rush. All 1st-3rd Year students were encouraged to bring in any spare change that they found lying around at home. We kept a tally of each class and the class with the biggest total won a prize. The winning class was 1-2 and we raised over €3,500.

In December we held a Christmas Carol Concert. It was a brilliant night filled with superb talent from our own school and the fantastic choir of St James' Church, Ballinora. There was a wonderful Christmas spirit in the air and everybody had a great night!

Also in December we went bag packing in Dunnes Stores in Bishopstown Court. All 2nd and 3rd Year classes took part and it went really well. As always, people were very generous and we collected approx. €4,500 in addition to raising public awareness of our projects abroad.

This year we also sold PresLink wristbands. The idea behind them was that they would raise awareness for PresLink while also raising much needed funds. They were black, white and purple and said #TTID on them ('Tation 'Til I Die!). We started selling them in April and they have become very popular since then!

In February we held a Transition Year Ball in the Montenotte Hotel. A lot of organisation went into the Ball and it went really smoothly. It attracted a lot of attention and all 300 tickets were sold out within hours! Montenotte proved to be a great venue and the atmosphere on the night was electric. This time, we raised approx. €4,000!

In March we held a great fundraiser called Guesstimation Elevation! The idea was to guess how many rugby balls could fit in the school elevator. It was held on the day before the Junior Cup Final and it created a great buzz around the school. We received over 500 guesses and the total number of balls in the  lift was a whopping 413!

A major highlight of the year was the visit of Br Martin Kenneally, the Congregation Leader of the Presentation Brothers. He spoke to a group of PresLink members about the work of the Brothers in the developing world. He really helped to put the work we are doing in context. We would like to thank him especially for speaking with us and reminding us of why exactly we joined PresLink in the first place. We all really enjoyed the visit and left with a real feelgood factor about our work.