Terror alert at Presentation school in Nigeria

The entrance to our school in Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria
The entrance to our school in Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria

Date: 11 May 2014

Let us keep our Brothers and the entire school community in Bauchi State, Nigeria in our prayers. Brother Bernard is the school principal at Presentation Brothers Secondary School in Tafawa Balewa. He sent us this message:

"We have all joined the "Bring Back our Girls" campaign and we pray for their safe return. There are isolated attacks all around us. We have received a terror alert at the school and we have advised our students and teachers to be extra vigilant. Please pray for us!"

The school is situated in the Muslim-Christian conflict zone in the north-east of Nigeria. The school opened in 2008 and educates both girls and boys.

According to Brother Bernard, "The school serves the local Christian community and has a substantial minority of Muslim students. Numbers at the school vary depending on outbreaks of communal violence. The school places great emphasis on the development of tolerance, mutual understanding and reconciliation."

There are three Presentation Brothers in Tafawa Balewa: Br Bernard, Br Matthias and Br McSimon. There is another Presentation Brothers community at Gboko (Br Paul, Br Augustine and Br Maxwell) in nearby Benue State.