Postulants Accepted in Gboko

Date: 31 Oct 2017

Venue: Gboko, WA Province

The acceptance ceremony of three young men as postulants to begin their journey of faith to experience the Presentation Brothers' way of life took place in Brother James Prud’umme Community in Bunde, Gboko recently. The ceremony started with the Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. Alex Irohin. In his homily, he commented that every day, we are called to our vocation and in our response to serve God, to serve his people and to respond to our own vocation as a religious, a priest, married person, or single individual.

According to him, Edmund Rice and his companions responded to the needs of his time by helping, caring for and educating young people. The message of Jesus tells each one of us to detach ourselves from the world. This is the greatest challenge today to religious and priests.

He emphasised that in the house of God, many come in because they think there is money and security. It is important to know that even where there is a call from God, there is a lot distraction from all angles, and so there must be a focus. Fr Alex said that a religious should not allow themselves go astray because of material things of the world. Finally, he advised the young men that religious life (Brotherhood) is not a priesthood but a very special vocation and that they therefore might need to educate their family members, while also giving their heart with compassion to where they found themselves today.