Lough Derg pilgrimage begins!

Date: 25 Jun 2015

Starting on Friday, 26th June, over a dozen young adults will take part in the first-ever Presentation Brothers Pilgrimage to Lough Derg.

Our pilgrims are drawn from Counties Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Sligo, Donegal and Tyrone. In addition, our two postulants - Duglas and Colins - from Sri Lanka will be making the journey with us for the first time.

The traditional three-day pilgrimage is famous throughout the world for its penitential nature. The pilgrims will spend their time on the island barefoot and stay awake in vigil all night on Friday. They will also fast from food each day (except for the Lough Derg 'meal' of toast (without butter), bread, and tea/coffee (without milk)).

They will have plenty of time for prayer and they have promised to pray for the whole Presentation Family.

This is truly a moment of grace for us all.

Let us remember the pilgrims as they pray for us this weekend.