Brother Robert helps out at youth summer camp

Brother Robert at this year's summer camp in the Bahamas
Brother Robert at this year's summer camp in the Bahamas

Date: 30 Jul 2014

Brother Robert Fanovich from our community in Grenada helped out on this year's summer vacation camp for young people in the Bahamas.

"We had 67 young people ranging in ages from 7 to 19," Brother Robert explains. "There were 10 adults helping out in the areas of religious formation, music, art & craft. The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother sponsored the trip and camp.

"The camp took place on the island of Eleuthera. It's not as developed as the capital, Nassau, and life there is very simple. With beautiful beaches and pristine water, tourism and fishing are the main source of income. Exports of lobster and fresh fish support a large portion of the population.  We had some lobster, supplied by some kind and appreciative parents.  The children loved it the experience!
"The camp which ran from July 14th to 20th also included a day of community service during which we went to paint the home of one of the parents of the children.  It was in a poor state.  There was great enthusiasm and commitment to finish the job! 

"It just goes to show if children are encouraged, there generosity shines through."