"A man for others..."

Brother Henry addresses the assembly at the 50th anniversary celebrations.
The Order of St Jean de Brebeuf trophies
Anniversary cake!
Brother Denis with Maria-Marta James and Fr Gabriel Atidoo

Date: 09 May 2014

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Br. Lawrence Maher has been inducted into the Order of St. Jean De Brebeuf during a ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Brebeuf College School. The Order was  named after the Patron of the school and is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a member of the Brebeuf school community. 

Recipients are inducted in recognition of achievements that exemplify the values and ideals for which Brebeuf College School stands:  faith, integrity, hard work, humility, and community.

The following citation was read:

"Brother Lawrence put others first and thought of how he might be of service to them.  As Principal from 1984 to 1993, he was a father figure to many in the Brebeuf community - be they staff, students, religious or lay, alumni, parents or friends of the school.  Br. Lawrence was always available and supportive and put the needs of others above his own.  He provided leadership in so many ways, including the transition from the Jesuits to the Presentation Brothers. Most importantly he exemplified the spiritual side of the Brebeuf community.  He was committed to the ideals of Catholic education and influenced so many by his caring nature.  He had a unique way of recognizing everyone's  personal needs and attributes.  Brother Lawrence always described Brebeuf as a “school with a difference”; Brother Lawrence made a tremendous difference to so many Brebeufians. He truly was a man for others."

Brothers Henry Spencer and Denis Claivaz, representing the Presentation Brothers, were present at the festivities.  Br. Henry was inducted into the Order of St. Jean De Brebeuf in 2012.

The Order is open to all members of the Brebeuf community, both individuals and groups, past and present, including staff, students, alumni, parents, supporters, Jesuits, Presentation Brothers and benefactors.

- by Br. Francis Schafer, Toronto