Br Cronan Meets US-based Past Pupil

Date: 20 Jul 2016

Venue: Blarney, Co Cork

Pres Bray alumnus Cecil James Killacky sent the following update from his meeting with Br Cronan early this summer:

"In early May, my wife Helen and I had the most wonderful reunion with Brother Cronan at an hotel in Blarney. The visit had been facilitated by Br. Barry Stanton. Brother Cronan was superior at Pres. Bray between 1957 and 1963. Those years I was between 5th grade and 2nd year at Pres. Brother Cronan took me under his wing and tutored me for a County Council Scholarship that I was lucky to win in 1961 and which covered my tuition for the remainder of my secondary education at Pres. I left Bray for the U.S. after the Leaving Cert in 1964.
"The academic foundation for me brilliantly orchestrated by Brother Cronan was strong enough to facilitate my getting bachelor, two master degrees (from Kansas State and Washington Universities) and eventually a doctorate from Harvard University. These in turn led to a lovely career in university education mostly working with masters and doctoral students in Social Work, and Education, before retiring three years ago. The visit with Br. Cronan was our first meeting in person since 1962 and it was a happy and joyous reunion on a glorious Thursday morning in Blarney. Turns out we learned that my last year at Pres. Bray ('63-64) was Br. Barry's first year of teaching in elementary school. New meaning to the concept of small world with six degrees of separation!"
If anyone would like to get in contact with Cecil, he has thoughtfully left the following contact details:
Cecil James Killacky
1708 Milan Road
Greensboro, NC 27410
828.773.4892 cell
Cecil can also be emailed by clicking here.
Br Cronan, Br Barry and Cecil
Br Cronan, Br Barry and Cecil
Br Cronan, Helen and Cecil
Br Cronan, Helen and Cecil